Regulatory - International Import

Courier-on-Board (COB) Imports

To enable speedy clearance of loads, the Courier Imports Regulation 87/98 (formerly known as 35/95) was introduced by the Government of India. This regulation stipulates that:

Imports: Consolidation

Concorde Air Logistics Limited is IFCO's designated agent for receiving import consolidations.

Consolidated shipments for various destinations across India are received at Mumbai, consigned to Concorde International. On receipt of the shipment, Concorde International sends a Cargo Arrival Notice to the consignee, and would await any of the following instructions:

  • Transhipment of the shipment to international customs airports in India. If the Consignee requires this facility, the consignment is transhipped for self-clearance by the Consignee.

  • Clearance at Mumbai by the Consignee's own customs house agent. In this case, the Delivery Order and documentation would be handed over to the appointed agent for clearance.

  • Clearance by Concorde Air Logistics Limited at Mumbai, and reforwarding thereafter to the final destination. Additional charges would apply for this service, subject to the customs documentation involved.