Regulatory - International Export

Courier-On-Board Exports (COB)

The courier-on-board export mode permits carriage of:

  • Documents
  • Free Gifts - up to a value of Indian Rupees 25,000/=
  • Samples - up to a value of Indian Rupees 50,000/= (where no Foreign Exchange Remittance is involved)
  • Commercial Shipments (where Foreign Exchange Remittance is involved) where the Shipper has obtained a GR1 Form Waiver from the Reserve Bank of India.

All shipments are forwarded under courier Shipping Bill for Exports, and are subject to examination and appraisal by the relevant customs authorities. Customs are liable to detain shipments where the values are in question, and could permit export only upon receiving proof of values OR, in the event the Shipper is unable to substantiate proof of value, release the shipment back to the Shipper after levy of a fine/penalty for value misdeclaration.

The Bureau Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) and Airline Security restrictions apply for COB Export shipments where Electronics, Bulk Drugs and Chemicals are restricted for carriage. Further, packages above 32 kgs are also restricted for carriage due to requirements at the destination

Carriage of shipments on the Courier-on-Board Export Mode are subject to customs paperwork requirements specified by the destination.